Mortal Kombat Project

Mortal Kombat Project Beta 4.1

The 2D fighting game classic returns in this free version

In 1992 a fighting videogame called Mortal Kombat was launched, featuring graphics and movements based on real actors and a high level of blood and violence.

This new approach to fighting games caused a total revolution, which in turn gave place to many subsequent titles. A few Mortal Kombat fans decided to create a completely free version of this game using the M.U.G.E.N. gaming engine and including all the characters that have appeared along the Mortal Kombat series.

Mortal Kombat Project features more than 30 characters with all their special movements and the so called "Fatalities". However it's still in beta, so it has some bugs. Regarding graphics, the game includes Mortal Kombat III models, which are considered to be the best of the whole series before going 3D.

Mortal Kombat Project


Mortal Kombat Project Beta 4.1

User reviews about Mortal Kombat Project

  • thohir asyari

    by thohir asyari


    cool game for 2d game ever and for all mortal kombat project fan..   More.

  • preston

    by preston

    "needs some work"

    the controls suck but the gameplay is good. it needs some work..   More.

  • headph0nz

    by headph0nz

    "umm what?"

    Controls are extremely hard to configure. Game does not recognize joystick, only buttons. This has needs a lot of w...   More.

  • smokefavchar

    by smokefavchar

    "Hey I thought this would help you guys"

    i kept clicking random buttons. Turns out you use the "L" key to select your character. I hope this...   More.

  • MLBrules

    by MLBrules

    "can't play"

    I have downloaded this like 5 times but i can't figure out what i'm supposed to do to play it can somone please help me.   More.

  • "could not choose a player"

    i could not choose a player,can u temme whts wrong.:)the game starts fine and i can even toggle between players but w...   More.